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Beauveriabassiana is a naturally found entomopathogenic fungi in the soil. The ability of
Beauveriabassiana to antagonize, parasitize and kill insects endorses it as an efficient
biocontrol agent. When the spores come in contact with insect cuticle, penetrates and spread
intohemolymph which they feed, multiply and kill the host insects by secreting toxins.

Target Insects:Effective against Coffee berry borer, Diamond back moth, Thrips,
Grasshoppers, Aphids, Codling moth, Whiteflies, Jassids, Mites and Stem borers.

Product specification:

Contains min. of 2X108 CFU/g Beauveriaspores

Recommended crops: Field crops like Cotton, paddy, sorghum, sunflower, groundnut,
potato, mustard, cumin, sugarcane. Vegetable crops: Tomato, chilly, brinjal, onion, lady’s
finger. Plantation crops: cardamom, tea, coffee, fruit crops and floriculture


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