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It contains naturally occurring entomopathogenic fungus Metarhiziumanisopliae for the
control of numerous insect pests. When it comes in contact with the insect, spores germinate
and penetrate the exoskeleton and grow inside the insect causing the insect to die.

Target pests: Tocontrol adult and larvae of insects like leaf hoppers, root grubs, borers,
cutworms, termites, palm weevils, beetles grubs etc.

Product specification:

Contains min. of 2X108 CFU/g Metarhiziumspores

Recommended crops: Field crops like Cotton, paddy, sorghum, sunflower, groundnut, potato,
mustard, cumin, sugarcane. Vegetable crops: Tomato, chilly, brinjal, onion, lady’s finger.
Plantation crops: cardamom, tea, coffee, arecanut, coconut, fruit crops and floriculture


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