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Potash KMB


The microorganism present is capable of mobilising required potassium to the crops.
Potassium availability in soil is majorly influenced by microbial activities in the rhizosphere
which releases K from the mineral source. It converts insoluble form of potash to soluble form
by producing organic acids. Seventy percent of insoluble potash is made available to crops
within 25 days.

1. It encourages early root development, enhance plant growth, crop yield by 25-30%

2. Reduce application of chemical fertilizer

3. It also improve soil texture and fertility

4. Tolerates a wide range of soil temperature and pH

Product specification:

Contains min. of 2X109 CFU/ml of Potash mobilising bacterial strains.

Recommended crops: All vegetable, fruit , cereals, oilseeds, horticulture crops, flowers and
ornamental plants


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