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RootZen is a comprehensive package of essential nutrients , formulated with imported Ireland based
seaweed extraction(Ascophyllum nodosum), Humic acid combined with L Amino acids, enriched
with fulvic acid, micronutrients, cytokinin and bio organic stimulants,

required for effective plant and root growth. It is recommended for soil application for all kinds of
fruits, vegetables, commercial crops and plantation crops. It highly increases the crop yield promoting
the physiological functions and essential nutrient uptake.


1.It improves nutrient uptake (N, P, K, & S) from soil, enrich soil fertility.

2. It enhance lateral root growth,

3. Enhance the soil biomass

4. Increase the soil humus

5. Increase nutrient uptake and crop yield

6. Enhance plant disease resistance

7. It is compatible with chemical and biofertilizers.

Dosage: SHORT TERM CROPS Drenching

Germination stage 5l/acre

After3540 days5l/acre

Foliar Spray2ml/litre

PERENNIAL CROPS Drenching, 23litre/acre every month regularly.

Recommended for: All vegetable, fruit crops, floriculture and horticultural crops.


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