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Trichodermavirideis a biocontrol agent against soil borne plant pathogens and can easily
colonize in plant rhizosphere and help to promote the plant growth. It is highly interactive in
root, soil and foliar environments. It is used extensively for soil born fungal diseases like
damping off, wilt, root rot, stem rot, collar rot, dieback, leaf blights, spots etc.

1. It solubilize phosphates and micronutrients and increases the number of deep roots,
thereby increasing the

plant’s ability to resist drought.
2. It induce systemic resistance in plants.

3. Promote healthy growth in early stages of crop.

3. Also helps in bioremediation.

Product specification:

Contains min. of 2X107 CFU/g Trichodermaspores

Recommended crops: Cauliflower, cotton, tobacco, soybean, sugarcane, sugarbeet, eggplant,
red gram, Bengal gram, banana, tomato, chillies, potato, citrus, onion, groundnut, peas,
sunflower, brinjal, coffee, tea, ginger, turmeric, pepper, betel vine, cardamom


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